Film Blowing Machine

Film blowing machines are widely used in the plastic packaging industry. The film produced can be used to make various plastic bags, agricultural films, and packaging films.
All of our machine with exchange die head,it can produce HDPE ,LDPE,LLDPE biodegradable film (caco3.PLA ,BPAT Corn Starch) .protect environment.
we have single layer ,double layer ,ABA,three layer film blowing machine for choose.

Taiwan quality machine with first class quality ,all part is imported brand which with longer life .All of motor ,fan ,traction ,rewinder with inverter. And machine with many special design to save is more suitable for customer who have high requirement about machine.

Normal quality machine ,all part is Chinese brand ,there are also many optional equipment for choose ,it is more suitable for customer need economic machine.

Plastic Bag Making Machine

Flexographic Printing Machine

Flexo printing machine can printing film, paper, nonwoven PP woven. Resin plate with lower cost and easy change.
Our company have 8 colors printing machine, multi choice for customer choose. There are stack type and CI printing Machine.
Stack type machine with double unwinding&rewinder .easy operation .chromed cylinder .longer life and machine with Helical gear instead of straight gear ,it can make sure no noise even when fast speed .the machine speed is up to 70m/min which can meet many customer production plan.
CI printing machine with best printing effective .the printing effective is keep same when speed up and speed down.

A Professional Manufacturer of Plastic&Package Machine

Our company, wenzhou xingpai machinery co.,ltd is a leading manufacturer of high-quality products in the field of widgets. Founded in 2002, we have grown to become a trusted brand in the industry, known for our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.
located in ruian city. the Transportation is very convenient,40minutes from shanghai by air (3-4 hours by train ). we have a global business with customer from different country in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Our team of over 100 employees is a diverse mix of skilled professionals who have 20 years experience .


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We Will Grow And Progress Together With You

We Will Grow And Progress Together With You

We pride ourselves on our ability to customize our solutions to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring they receive maximum value from our products and services.

The first order was for a corona accessory, and we started in-depth communication from then on. Through this order, the customer learned about our main machines and services.The second order was for a film blowing machine and a bag making machine. This is another choice of trust. After a year of mac

As we look back on our journey in the first half of 2024, our hearts are filled with heartfelt gratitude to our dear customers. Your unremitting support and sincere cooperation are the solid backing for us to overcome various challenges and seize opportunities.In the past six months, we have encount

This Mexico company is a group. They have High quality requirements for machines. The machine is required to be able to make bags with single face thickness of 55 millimeters and with gusset online .he has compare between a taiwan company

Most European customers require CE certification, so all our machines have CE certification.The machine this customer needs is used to make films and bags with a thickness of 50 microns.Because the customer's factory does not have a small film blowing machine. The customer wants to add a sealing and

The customer owns a large factory and needs to expand its scale as the business grows. At first, he purchased equipment from our factory and another factory at the same time, he want to compare the quality. Then he bought all the remaining machines from the one with good quality.After a month of tes

ThIs mexico customer's company is a company specializing in biodegradable plastic packaging. They pay more attention to the protection of the environment.all of our machines can can work with both biodegradable materials and ordinary PE plastics.Because the customer is a newbie and there are probl

Service With First Class Quality

Our products are used by leading companies worldwide in various industries, including plastic & package.

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Our competitive edge comes from our Continuously improving quality and 24 hours service 

Strength, integrity, and social responsibilityXingpai Company has shown extraordinary strength in the market for a long time. We have an innovative professional team with profound industry knowledge and rich experience, constantly researching and developing technology. In terms of service quality, b

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In life, we can see all kinds of colorful things, such as patterns on plastic bags and patterns on paper.Most of them are printed using a printing press. So, what is a printing press and how does it work?Printing machines are divided into many categories, such as digital printing machines, flexo pri

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PE Film blowing machine Is a kind of plastic processing equipment, mainly used to produce polyethylene (HDPE,LDPE ), PLA ,CACO3. Its working principle is to heat and melt plastic particles or granular resin, and extrude the molten plastic through the extrusion head of the extruder. Then, the molten

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Our company, wenzhou xingpai machinery co.,ltd is a leading manufacturer of high-quality products in the field of widgets.

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