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  • The Difference Between Water-Based Ink and Oil-Based Ink in Printing Machines


    In the printing industry, water-based ink and oil-based ink are two common types of ink with distinct characteristics. Water-based ink is environmentally friendly, odorless, and easy to clean up, making it suitable for printing on food packaging and other materials that require high hygiene standard Read More
  • The Future Trend of Degradable Materials PLA


    With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the popularization of sustainable development concepts, degradable materials are expected to show a strong development trend in the future. Degradable materials can be decomposed by microorganisms in the natural environment, reducing envi Read More
  • What Is A Blown Film Machine and machine Application


    A blown film machine is a specialized equipment used for producing plastic films. It works by heating and melting plastic granules, then extruding the molten plastic through a specially designed die head, and inflating it with air to form a continuous film. Blown film machines play a crucial role in Read More
  • Strength and Integrity, Leading Industry Development


    Strength, integrity, and social responsibilityXingpai Company has shown extraordinary strength in the market for a long time. We have an innovative professional team with profound industry knowledge and rich experience, constantly researching and developing technology. In terms of service quality, b Read More
  • Do you know where the colors in the world come from?


    In life, we can see all kinds of colorful things, such as patterns on plastic bags and patterns on paper.Most of them are printed using a printing press. So, what is a printing press and how does it work?Printing machines are divided into many categories, such as digital printing machines, flexo pri Read More
  • The Introduction of PE film blowing machine


    PE Film blowing machine Is a kind of plastic processing equipment, mainly used to produce polyethylene (HDPE,LDPE ), PLA ,CACO3. Its working principle is to heat and melt plastic particles or granular resin, and extrude the molten plastic through the extrusion head of the extruder. Then, the molten Read More

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