This Customer Is From Cyprus.
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This Customer Is From Cyprus.


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This Customer Is From Cyprus.

Most European customers require CE certification, so all our machines have CE certification.

The machine this customer needs is used to make films and bags with a thickness of 50 microns.

Because the customer's factory does not have a small film blowing machine. The customer wants to add a sealing and cutting knife on the bag making machine. This way he can put the material in a large roll.

But in this case, the price of the machine will be very high, and the price even can buy another film blowing machine. So we recommend buying a small film blowing machine and a double lines bag making machine. Finally the client accepted our suggestion

Since the customer was not familiar with Chinese machines, he needed home installation service , so we immediately arranged visas and air tickets.

When our engineers arrived at the customer's factory , he found that the pump of the bag making machine was leaking. We immediately sent a new one as free/

During the installation process, it was found that the 50 micron film with gusset was too thick , Our engineers have adjusted many part so that the machine can make bags normally. However, when the customer adjusted the formula of the film, there was a problem with the sealing of the bag making machine. So we gave customers a copper base for sealing the knife, which is more suitable for making thick bags. The customer finally reported that everything was normal with the machine.

We will inspect every machine before shipment.And we can guarantee to provide perfect after-sales service

Our company, wenzhou xingpai machinery co.,ltd is a leading manufacturer of high-quality products in the field of widgets.

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